Salute Snacks is a proud, veteran owned company that produces high-quality snack foods. They donate proceeds from every bag to veterans charities off the top. The proceeds go directly to reputable veterans causes through “SALUTE” events where the charity is honored and receives the donation.

Our Story

In this age of watered down, play it safe, 3 US military veterans decided to do something bold. They set out to make a real difference assisting veterans, but also to make sure that troops’ sacrifice, even if in the past, would not be forgotten. Salute Snacks was created to do 3 things.

  • One is to make a real impact with proceeds from every bag sold going directly to military veterans charities.
  • Next is to salute the service of every military veteran.
  • And finally, every Salute Snack package makes a bold statement of support for our military. We’re not afraid to show our support and we’re proud when our customers do the same.

The Need

  • Last year, 300,000 veterans were homeless for at least one night in America.
  • About 1.4 million military veterans are at risk of homelessness due to poverty, a glaring lack of support networks and dismal living conditions in overcrowded, substandard housing.
  • Unemployment among young veterans (20-24) is 15.8%, twice the rate of non-veterans the same age
  • Underemployment – Veterans not getting civilian jobs consummate with their skills and experience
  • More Disabled Veterans Needing Employment (87,390 disabled vets in federal workforce, up 11% from 2004)

Real Impact:

  • Often, when people support veterans, they are unsure about the details of how the funds will be used.
  • Also, companies often promise that “proceeds” will go to a charity, but when you read the fine print, it’s very little and the amount is capped. The veterans of Salute Snacks decided they would only do this venture if a donation is made for EVERY bag sold with no limits on the total amount going to assist veterans.